Programming Paradigms

Programming Paradigms are the underlying concepts of programming languages.  They tell us how the specific language perceives the real world. Understanding Programming Paradigms is essential to improve as a software engineer.

Database Design

Database Design is essential for all applications whether it is using a NoSql Database, an Object-Oriented Database, or Relational Database. Database Design helps us structure our data appropriately depending on what our goal is.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture requires us to look at the bigger picture of our application. As our application grows and as we add more functionality our Software Architecture becomes more important. It is the difference between chaos and order.

Software Infrastructure

Software Infrastructure will play an important factor in our scalability, local development, collaboration, deployment, and much more. 

Real-world Projects

Real-world Projects help us master the concepts we learn. It is through practice and perseverance that we can become the best software engineers we can be. 

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